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Common Myths About Water Heaters Debunked

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Water heating systems are essential for modern comfort, but many misconceptions surround their use and maintenance. Let’s debunk some common myths to help you better understand water heaters in Fresno, CA.

Myth 1: Bigger Units are Always Better

Many believe that a larger water heater means better performance and more hot water. However, the size should match your household’s needs. Oversized heaters waste energy and money. Assess your usage and choose a suitable capacity for efficiency and cost savings.

Myth 2: Heaters Explode Frequently

Explosions are rare. Modern tankless water heaters in Fresno, CA, are equipped with safety features like temperature and pressure relief valves to prevent such incidents. Regular maintenance and following the manufacturer’s guidelines significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

Myth 3: You Never Need to Drain Your Water Heater

Some think draining the water heater is unnecessary, but sediment buildup can reduce efficiency and lifespan. Flushing the tank annually can prevent sediment from causing damage and ensure your heater operates efficiently.

Myth 4: Setting the Thermostat Higher Heats Water Faster

It might seem logical to crank up the thermostat to get hot water faster, but this is a misconception. Higher settings increase the risk of scalding and energy consumption without speeding up the heating process. A setting of 120°F is generally recommended for safety and efficiency.

Myth 5: Don’t Need Regular Maintenance

Ignoring maintenance can lead to premature failures and higher energy bills. Regularly inspecting and servicing your water heater, such as checking the anode rod and flushing the tank, can extend its life and maintain its efficiency.

Understanding the realities of water heater maintenance and operation can lead to better performance, increased safety, and cost savings. Regular maintenance and proper usage after an electric water heater installation in Santa Rosa, CA, are key to a long-lasting water heater.

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